14 Gift Card Holders for Christmas

Here's a list of 14 ideas for Gift Card Holders
from MyScrapChick.

1. Snowman Gift Card Holder 
Change up the look by using different cardstock prints for the scarf and mittens. Maybe some blue plaid for a masculine look, bright dots for young kids...This is a good all around design for any age group.


How I made my "STRAIGHT OUTTA COFFEE" t-shirt


Not anymore!! 

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Christmas Sleigh for your winter wonderland.


The new Christmas Sleigh is ready for winter crafting. It has a sturdy design so it can be used for decorating and/or as a gift box.
You will be happy to know too, that this is "not" complicated with a thousand tiny parts or a bazillion tabs to glue together. I was able to put together 3 Christmas Sleighs fairly quick so I plan to make up several more for the neighborhood this year. Now I just need to find some good Christmas cookie recipes.